Friday, December 23, 2011

Music Ministry In Lagos

This past Sunday, Threadstone started a youth ministry in The Waterbrook Church in Lagos. Our primary job in the ministry is to lead worship for the youth, and the second is to build relationships with the kids to disciple them and be a light into their lives through friendship. The ministry went fairly well today. It was the first time that these teenagers have ever been in a service together so they were a little shy at the start, but by the end of the service they were opening up and having fun worshipping God. Our primary focus was to break down the "cool" walls that these kids put up and allow them to have fun together. Our hope is that in the future the kids will be comfortable enough with us and each other that they can share what is really going on in their lives. We barely touched the surface of the pain some of these kids have endured today. The speaker's talk was on the pain that all of us feel, namely the pain that is caused by things that have happened to us. After the program was finished we were able to hangout with the students and get to know they better. They were shy at first, but after a few minutes they warmed up to us and we were able to connect with them. We talked mostly about superficial things like names, where they were from, and interests. Next time we meet we hope to take the conversation a little further and really start to build strong relationships with the students. I personally am excited for this ministry because as far as I have seen it is the only ministry for teenagers in Nigeria that reaches out to address what teens are really going through. Please be praying for the success of this ministry, it has so much potential to help teenagers build their relationship with God!

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