Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spiritual Life Conference

Starting a June 2nd I attended the annual SIM Spiritual Life Conference, which is essentially a retreat for all of SIM staff to come relax and also grow spiritually. I got the opportunity to serve with the worship team and also to work with the high school/middle school kids with a team from Moody Bible Institute in Spokane. Working with the worship team went well, but it was such an encouragement to see how quickly the youth team was able to connect with the missionary kids and to be able to connect to the high school guys on a deeper level. From the start the main youth leader, Aaron Coski was able to address issues that are specific to missionary kids, and during small groups my co-leader and I were able to get the high school guys to talk about what is really going on. By the end of the week we were revealing and discussing things that the students didn't know about each other.
I'm back in Jos now, and it looks like I will be here for all of January. I'll be starting up with Sports Friends again, but this time I will play the role of cameraman/photographer. As a Christmas present (from myself), I received a new digital SLR camera. Kyle Abts wants me to shoot a Sports Friends video to send back to America and to use as a way of spreading the Sports Friends vision within Nigeria. In addition to my work with Sports Friends I am using my time in Jos to focus on relationships with my local Nigerian friends. Tonight I am having Gwakman over to spend the night and I will be seeing many of my other friends as the month progresses. Thanks for your prayers!

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