Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Exciting Opportunities!

The past few weeks have been crazy! Two weeks ago I was sitting in the Sports Friends office, when the Threadstone (a semi-famous Christian rock band) guys walked in to talk to Kyle. Kyle at one point played with the band, but now acts as a mentor to them. The guys sat down to talk to him about several issues, one of which was a problem with finding a stable drummer ever since their original drummer had to leave. I only got to hear the first bit of the conversation because I was called to work, but later that evening Kyle informed me that he had suggested me for the position. I was excited, but I was aware that it was a longshot, and after a few days the excitement passed. Four or five days later I received a call from the band manager Kamara, and he invited me to their house for a tryout session. The band immediately connected with me, and they were impressed with my skills as a drummer, so they invited me to tour with them. Since then I have played several shows with the band, and after a meeting with SIM and Kyle, I am allowed to call myself a member of the band! My ministry with Sports Friends will continue, but my job within Sports Friends will change drastically. Now I will be meeting with the sports ministry leaders of churches we are connected with in the areas I travel to with Threadstone. I will only be travelling about two weeks of every month because I am still based in Jos. This opportunity is very exciting for me, and I have no doubt that God is the one who brought this about. Please, if you could be praying for my safety and for my rest. This new area of ministry takes a toll on my sleep patterns, and with all the moving around my safety is more at risk than if I were to stay in Jos. Thanks all!

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